Natural goat hair

Natural goat hair texturefor manufacturing  (Arab authentic houses):

Due to the nature of the peoples of the Arabian Peninsula, and their adherence to the their heritage and the heritage of their ancestors were the homes of Arab poetry of the most important of our products and our concerns.

And very soon  with pride  we will manufactured  Natural goat hair texture in Jordan

472239155 ac113560b7Hair texture and fabricwas imported from the best international companies and local manufacturers of these products with high quality specifications and resistant to the changing nature of the factors appropriate to the climate of the Arabian Peninsula.

Fixed tents (tents) in style authentic Arab councils, which are used for hospitality to be installed either home or garden on rooftops or in the courtyards of recreational areas and breaks or as an optional extra for restaurants and cafes.

We are in (al Naouri .Est for  canvas and jute ) we manufacture these tents designed to take into account the severe and shape of the inside and outside of the tent eventually be mixed with design technology times and authenticity Heritage.

In implementing these tents put in the first of our considerations as units for the hospitality and fun, therefore we are keen to be tents that we produce units distinctive high-quality and great-looking (attributes of ownership) and use materials that are resistant to many years with high specifications very fit with every use.

Houses our hair product outstanding (a combination of heritage and civilization).

Our goal is not only to sell - but our goal is always to provide the best for our customers and meet their desires and achieve their demands.

Our motto is always: (quality and creativity).